Concept Mapping

Concept mapping is a constructivistic learning tool. It can improve the effect of your teaching and is relevant to all age groups.

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Conceptual learning

Conceptual learning is the backbone of understanding and real knowledge.

No concept is understood isolated from other concepts. Accordingly, linking concepts is the way :

Students construct their knowledge from their own experience, including from what they hear and read. A teacher who guides the process and facilitate the progress is indispensible. But the role of a teacher in this function is very far from the traditional content providing type of teacher.

A "constructivistic teacher" can be regarded as the organizer of the learner´s process of learning. As such the teacher needs to have an overview of the intended learning as a framework for the conceptual development of the learner. In all real life situations time will be limited and accordingly the teacher will have a function as timekeeper, too.

Besides the often mentioned ability to be able to build on the student’s previous knowledge, ideas and experience, the most important ability is to be able to challenge and stir up this in the student. Without the student´s engagement and reflections there won’t be any successful learning.

To use a Graphic Review process is a similar constructivitic learning method that can be used for all age groups and all kinds of teaching. Graphic reviews are excellent to use for workshops over more than one day or spread over a number of days, See about graphic review at The graphic review link opens in a new window.

You might also wish to engage in the understanding of action competence as a goal for education, especially developed related to environmental education and health education, see

In the SEET Programme (Strengthening Environmental Education in Thailand) all these ideas are put into practice.

Soren Breiting

Danish University of Education,

Copenhagen, Denmark.